Drug Addiction Treatment in Washington

Drug addicts can get help. Outpatient drug addiction treatment everett wa is available for anyone suffering from chemical dependency. Besides getting treatment for drug addiction, patients can also get help with anger management, obtain drug prevention information, among many other services in the Everett, Washington area.

The Science of Addiction

Research indicates that addiction is a medical problem, not a willpower problem as was once thought. Drugs like marijuana, heroin and cocaine affect the brain by influencing it in various ways. For instance, heroin and marijuana mimic brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that naturally occur in the body. When chemicals from these drugs interact with brain cells (neurons) they activate the cells differently from when they are activated by a natural neurotransmitter. Cocaine and amphetamines influence the brain by activating neurons so that they produce too much of a neurotransmitter. They can also prevent the recycling of neurotransmitters by interfering with the transporter molecules that return the brain chemicals to the neurons that released them. Certain types of drugs like opioids interfere with other parts of the brain like the brain stem that are important for vital functions like breathing. This is why when a person overdoses on this type of drug their breathing becomes depressed, and the person dies.

Getting Help

It’s often said that a person must hit rock bottom before getting treatment for an addiction. This is simply not true, however, according to therapist Eric Patterson at Drugabuse.com. A person does not have to lose a significant amount of “resources” like money or friends in order to stop their habit. In contrast, even a minor loss can motivate people to deal with their addictions and seek treatment.

Treatment and Recovery

The type of treatment provided to a patient can depend on the type of drug they are addicted to. For instance, for those addicted to opioids, medications like methadone and buprenorphine are often used in combination with counseling to deal with the addiction. In fact, therapy is used to treat people addicted to other drugs like cannabis and stimulants. Such treatment is important for the latter drugs since there are no medications to treat addiction to them currently. Various types of therapy can be used in treatment. One example, cognitive-behavioral therapy is often used to modify a person’s behavior. Such counseling can include determining the triggers that lead to drug use and modifying one’s emotions or environment to reduce the chance of taking the drug. For example, if being at a large party makes someone more likely to drink too much, that person may avoid such parties and attend small functions instead. Family counseling is another effective therapy, especially for young people, since it can get the whole family dynamic to improve.

There are various treatment centers in Everett, Washington that specialize in addiction recovery for those interested in overcoming their chemical dependency. Insurance often pays for such treatment as well. Thus, for those interested in living drug free there are resources available to help them live fuller lives.